About Yago Partal

Yago Partal (b. 1982, Barcelona) lives and works in Barcelona. He is an artist, designer and future zoologist.

The Zoo Portraits were created to foster empathy between humans and animals, and to remind us of what we all have in common. Yago makes his anthropomorphic images through a painstaking combination of photography, illustration and collage - partly inspired by childhood cartoons such as Mickey Mouse or Road Runner, where animals behave as humans. 

Yago's background is in conceptual design and he worked with fellow Spaniard Pedro Almodovar before focusing on his Zoo Portraits. These adorable animals have been featured by Another MagazineThe Huffington Post, CBS News and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

The Zoo Portraits have been exhibited at the Chimei Museum in Taiwan, in a group show alongside the sculptures of Kendra Haste. The series has also been exhibited in London, Tokyo, Monaco, Lyon and at the Angkor Photo Festival in Siam Reap, Cambodia. In 2018 they were shown at the Musée Balzac in France, to illuminate the connection between animals and the author Honoré de Balzac.

Yago has returned to university to study his passion, zoology. The sales from the Zoo Portraits have enabled him to support a number of wildlife charities over the years, and to work with children to educate the next generation about animal conservation. 

Yago Partal is represented by Subject Matter Art, an online fine art gallery based in London. For any questions about his work, please contact kitty@subjectmatterart.com. 


"I began to create the Zoo Portraits by experimenting with digital media. I have always had a love of the animal kingdom and an interest in the fashion world, particularly in how we as a society are obsessed with what people wear. Zoo Portraits was born from a childish fascination for wildlife, from all those cartoons where animals behave as human beings. You could say that I found my voice in a game we all like to play: the humanisation of animals."


Yago Partal, creator of the art series Zoo Portraits.