Exhibitions and Loan Agreements

The Zoo Portraits have been exhibited all over the world. They are also available to be loaned to museums and galleries worldwide.

Yago Partal is represented by Subject Matter Art, an online fine art gallery based in London. For any questions about his work, please contact kitty@subjectmatterart.com. 



2013 / Four Legs Good Two Legs Bad / Tokyo, Japan

2014 / Grand Hyatt / ZooPortraits / Montreal, Canada

2014 / ZooPortraits Pop Up / London, UK

2014 / Columbia Road Pop Up / London, UK

2015 / As Human As Art / Galerie Carré Doré / Monte Carlo, Monaco

2016 / Let’s Dance / Chimei Museum / Tainan, Taiwan

2016 / This Time / Twenty Two Gallery / Lyon, France

2018 / Musée Balzac / Saché, France


Loan Fees

80cm x 80cm | Edition of 50

EUR660 per ZooPortrait Mounted with Aluminium and Plexiglass

120cm x 120cm | Edition of 50

EUR1100 per ZooPortrait Mounted with Aluminium and Plexiglass

Please note: This price includes shipping to your museum, gallery or store but it excludes shipping back to the UK. The loan agreement is for 6 weeks or longer. We need about 3-4 weeks to produce the art, from the day of payment.


Installation photo of the exhibition Let's Dance! Animals in Art, Chimei Museum, Taiwan, including several Zoo Portraits and sculptures by Kendra Haste.