Zoo Portrait : Olivia, the eastern grey kangaroo

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About Olivia, the eastern grey kangaroo:

Female kangaroos have a marsupiam (pouch) where joeys (babies) complete their development after birth. Having been born after only 36 days, the baby, still quite undeveloped, crawls up into the mother’s pouch to start feeding by nursing from its mother’s milk. It will remain there for nearly a year, after which it will start emerging occasionally from the pouch to eat with its mother. Kangaroos are capable of gestating a new embryo while another is developing in the marsupium. Amazingly, they can keep this new embryo in a state of dormancy waiting for its turn in the pouch. 

Kangaroos are very sociable animals, and can gather in groups (called mobs) of up to twenty at a time. 


About Yago, the artist:

Yago Partal (b. 1982, Barcelona) lives and works in Barcelona.

He creates his anthropomorphic images through a painstaking combination of photography, illustration and collage. His intention (in humanising animals) is to make us look again, to see them as "one of us" and not something to be exploited or endangered.

These adorable animals have been featured by Another Magazine, The Huffington PostCBS News and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

Yago has returned to university to study his passion, zoology. The sales from the Zoo Portraits have enabled him to support a number of wildlife charities over the years, and to work with children to educate the next generation about animal conservation. 

Yago Partal is represented by Subject Matter Art, an online fine art gallery based in London. For any questions about his work, please contact kitty@subjectmatterart.com. 


This artwork is:

Limited edition I Signed by the artist I Printed on archival inks and paper 

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