Zoo Portrait: Osogo, the warthog

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About Osogo, the warthog:

The warthog is a wild member of the pig family, found in sub-Saharan Africa. There are estimated to be around 250,000 left in the wild. The warthog has many predators but its primary mode of self-defence is to sprint away. Females can be aggressive in protecting their young and have been seen charging and even wounding large predators. 

Warthogs can make burrows themselves, but they prefer to occupy abandoned burrows of other animals. They reverse into these burrows, with their head facing the opening and therefore ready to burst out if necessary. Like domestic pigs, they regulate their body temperature by wallowing in mud. 


About Yago, the artist:

Yago Partal (b. 1982, Barcelona) lives and works in Barcelona.

He creates his anthropomorphic images through a painstaking combination of photography, illustration and collage. His intention (in humanising animals) is to make us look again, to see them as "one of us" and not something to be exploited or endangered.

These adorable animals have been featured by Another Magazine, The Huffington PostCBS News and the Wall Street Journal, among others.

Yago has returned to university to study his passion, zoology. The sales from the Zoo Portraits have enabled him to support a number of wildlife charities over the years, and to work with children to educate the next generation about animal conservation. 

Yago Partal is represented by Subject Matter Art, an online fine art gallery based in London. For any questions about his work, please contact kitty@subjectmatterart.com. 


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